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4″ RO pilot system for better and more reliable water treatment

Reliable drinking water is a basic human right. However, making water potable requires a massive purification process, in which there are huge efficiency gains to be made. Using the right materials and the right technology. With our 4″ RO pilot system and pilot software, we helped Vitens to investigate how to optimise their plants. For better and more reliable water treatment.

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Ontijzering van proceswater maakt het gebruik van nieuwe waterbronnen mogelijk

We offered Vitens a flexibly mobile test system for optimising recovery at their plants as well as membrane comparison tests and spiking experiments. By also using our pilot control system and data logging, the 4″ RO system is largely automated. An operator can remotely analyse and monitor performance and data, and control the system. This saves valuable time.

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  • Customer-specific design
  • Data visualisation & trending
  • Mobile unit
  • Transport covers
  • Designed to measure organic micropollutant retention

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