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Standalone waste water purification unit for the Ministry of Defence

Standalone waste water purification unit for the Ministry of Defence.

The Dutch Ministry of Defence wants to drastically reduce its own environmental footprint during missions. For example, by discharging less slurry and using 80% less water. Jotem Hydropilots’ ‘Power up your Poop’ unit is helping make this a reality. This sophisticated water purification system, developed in collaboration with Pentair X-Flow, purifies waste water into usable water.

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Ontijzering van proceswater maakt het gebruik van nieuwe waterbronnen mogelijk

At the heart of the ‘Power up your Poop’ unit is a membrane bioreactor with millions of microbes. Waste water enters the bioreactor, the microbes purify the liquid and, after passing through the membrane , the water that comes out is clean enough to be reused to flush toilets or hose down vehicles. The unit was built for maximum environmental efficiency and is robust enough for military operations. Jotem Hydropilots is also using this waste water purification system as a test unit for developing sustainable sanitation solutions.

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  • Standalone solution
  • Environmental efficiency
  • Insulated & climate-controlled 20-ft container
  • Advanced membrane cleaning system
  • Easy remote control (web browser/Android/iOS)

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