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Advanced removal of pharmaceutical residues from water

Biological oxygen-dosed active carbon (BODAC) filtration.

At least 140 tonnes of pharmaceutical residues end up in our sewage water every year. This is hugely harmful to plants and animals and has an adverse effect on our drinking water. NieuWater are changing this. They are converting sewage water into water of the purest kind. NieuWater’s BODAC pressure filters are a promising technology for removing pharmaceutical residues from water in an energy-efficient way, without chemicals. We developed a hydro pilot system to test whether the BODAC concept would also be effective with less pretreatment. A lot of costs and energy could be saved in this way.

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Ontijzering van proceswater maakt het gebruik van nieuwe waterbronnen mogelijk

In the current NieuWater plant, the purified waste water is passed through an ultrafiltration system, then oxygen is added and finally the BODAC pressure filters come into play. In the pilot system, we made a minor modification. We replaced the ultrafilters with drum filters. This provides less intensive treatment, but is much more energy-efficient. The mobile pilot system was set up exactly to NieuWater’s requirements and they can monitor the results continuously. With this pilot system, we hope to contribute to an efficient method that ensures water is free of pharmaceutical residues.

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  • Remote control (webbrowser/Android/iOS)
  • Logging & datatrending
  • Plug-and-play bediening
  • Semiautomatische chemische reiniging
  • Hydraulische reiniging
  • Dead-end ultrafiltratie

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