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8″ RO pilot system for ingenious purification processes

Everyone wants the security of safe and reliable drinking water. Anywhere, anytime. This requires ingenious purification processes, where not only reliability but also cost efficiency is of great importance. Vitens is constantly looking for improvements and optimisation opportunities in this respect. We helped them with this by providing an 8″ RO pilot system for spiral wound membrane elements input control, and individual membrane cleaning and flushing tests in combination with champagne flushes.

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Ontijzering van proceswater maakt het gebruik van nieuwe waterbronnen mogelijk

Using the pilot system, Vitens is investigating different ways to use – and clean – their water purification systems as efficiently as possible. After all, the more efficient the cleaning, the faster the purification process. With lower costs as a result. We helped them by delivering a flexibly mobile 8″ RO system, equipped with SEMCA control software and various options for logging and analysing data. This allows the operator to monitor and control the system remotely, saving a lot of time. Thanks to this automation, the purification process becomes more efficient, robust and reliable.

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  • Customer-specific design
  • Smart & intuitive control system
  • Mobile unit
  • Transport covers
  • Flexible tubing and PVC piping

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