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Water is an element of nature. A basic need that is used for many different purposes. Specialist knowledge is essential when water is used in the industry or manufacturing processes. Jotem Water treatment knows water. We are your chain partner in water treatment.

For a high level process.


Chemistry between water and industry

Industrial water treatment is about custom-made solutions. Jotem knows the processes, designs and delivers specific water treatment solutions for pure water production. Water treatment of process water, boiler water, cooling water and wastewater (reuse). This way Jotem reduces company costs and risks. Across the world, for many years.


Prepared in purity

High quality standards apply to the food industry. The safety of production processes is under strict control of (inter)national governments, because food finally ends up on your and our table. Jotem knows the quality standards in the food industry. Our innovative water treatment solutions prevent interruption in the food production process. A high level process.


Pure for water and equipment

For hospitals, laboratories, semiconductor and pharmaceutical companies the use of the right water is essential. Our experts are familiar with the high quality standards regarding the water composition, conductivity or bacteriology. Our engineers work together with scientists, experts and suppliers in order to provide you the best solution.


Compact water solutions

“Vari-source, compact water solutions” is the successful youngest member of Jotem. it provides complete and compact drinking water units. “Vari-source” because many types of feedwater can be used to produce drinking water. Think of well, surface or sea water. Ranging from portable units to small water factories in a container; our compact water solutions can provide for clean and safe drinking water, wherever needed. Worldwide.


Clear and Pure.

Jotem translates high demands to strong solutions.