Ontgassers Jotem Waterbehandeling
Ontgassers Jotem Waterbehandeling
Ontgassers Jotem Waterbehandeling

Thermal degasifiers for boiled feed

The company

One of the largest private label canning factories in Europe with several locations in the Netherlands.

The case

The existing degasser had become too small due to the strong growth of the company. Since Jotem had previously also supplied the demi water installation satisfactorily, we were now also asked to find a solution for the acute boiler replenishment shortage.


Jotem delivered a new turnkey degasser with all piping and control cabinet. The customer took our advice to heart, after which we turned the old degasser into a mixing tank for condensation return and fresh water replenishment. However, this tank was designed in such a way that it functions as a backup degasser with all the necessary functionality. Customer satisfaction was once again rewarded with a full-service contract.

Service & Maintenance

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