Membraanfiltratie Jotem Waterbehandeling
Membraanfiltratie Jotem Waterbehandeling
Membraanfiltratie Jotem Waterbehandeling

Demi water installation for turbine feed

The company

A waste incineration plant, which produces sustainable energy out of waste. The company has already won innovation awards for several times.

The case

Demi water with a quality < 0,2 µS/cm, is used for some processes and high pressure boilers with a turbine. The current demi water unit needed to be replaced. It concerned a system based on cation-anion exchange resins, which was regenerated with chemicals. The new installation needed to be sustainable according to the vision of the company.


Jotem realized a turn-key solution, consisting of a 2-stage Reverse Osmosis (RO) system and ElectroDeIonization unit (EDI). With these combination of systems, a water quality < 0,2 µS/cm is achieved. “PureWater” executed storage tanks, together and pump units are also supplied by Jotem. The satisfied customer rewarded Jotem with a full service maintenance contract.

Service & Maintenance

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