Zand- en Koolfilters Jotem Waterbehandeling
Zand- en Koolfilters Jotem Waterbehandeling


The company

A large multinational which processes animal bones for technical and food purposes.

The case

The existing manually operated iron removal installation was old and in need of replacement. Good experience had already been gained with Jotem, as a 45-ton degasser had been successfully installed a few years before. The wish included an iron removal installation according to the latest technology, geared to the correct iron removal & manganese removal and the desired purchase. A temporary iron removal installation had to guarantee the water supply to the company during assembly, free of both iron and manganese.


Jotem supplied a state of the art iron removal and dismantling installation with a capacity of 120 m³/hour. All pipework and control box were part of the scope. In contrast to the old situation, the new installation is controlled fully automatically by a PLC. All required signals are reported to the building management system.

A mobile iron removal installation provided a continuous water supply during assembly and commissioning. Since then, the iron and manganese removal installation has been running flawlessly, without traces of iron and manganese. Afterwards, the customer concluded a full-service contract with Jotem.

Service & Maintenance

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