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Safe drinking water when and where you want it with our plug-and-play SmartBox

In situations where drinking water is more important than ever, access to safe water can be difficult. For example, during conflicts and natural disasters or in remote areas. With SmartBox, we are changing this. SmartBox is a mobile water treatment unit that can convert any source of fresh water into safe potable water for more than 600 households.

It is a robust unit that pumps water from rivers, lakes or ponds and rids it of bacteria and viruses. SmartBox brings together different areas of expertise because several water experts collaborated on its design. For example, its optimal water flow design prevents blockages, the smart control system makes the unit easy to use, and the addition of solar panels means SmartBox can be powered anywhere. As a result, SmartBox provides a reliable water supply in any situation, including emergencies.

Smart, reliable and sustainable. Anywhere, anytime.

SmartBox is a revolutionary solution to drinking water challenges in different situations, including emergencies. A system anyone can use, especially when taking action is vital. We developed SmartBox by matching the knowledge of our water experts to the problem facing the Ministry of Defence.

By applying water treatment knowledge to the real-life situation, we created a rapidly deployable plug-and-play system. SmartBox can be made operational in five simple steps and performs reliably straightaway. Moreover, connecting to solar panels or adapters, or replacing batteries is very easy. This means no specialist knowledge is needed to ensure safe drinking water.

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  • Plug-and-play. Effortless operation without specialist knowledge.
  • Mobile unit. Easily portable and usable in the most remote areas.
  • Optimal power supply. Solar powered & connectable to truck adapter.

Leaflet SmartBox

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