Dosering Jotem Waterbehandeling
Dosering Jotem Waterbehandeling

Ultrafiltration (UF)

Ultrafiltration (UF) is applied for removal of fine particles and harmful bacteria and viruses from surface, process or waste water. Our installations are equipped with smart controls to guarantee a stable filtration process. The chemical cleaning of membranes is fully automatic for optimal client convenience. Together with our client, the correct ultrafiltration membrane will be selected, based on the specific water analysis.

Jotem is experienced in designing and building ultrafiltration installations for, among others, the following applications:

  • Compact Smartbox for producing potable water during disasters.
  • Watermiracle for potable water production in third world countries.
  • Preparation of process water from surface water.
  • As a pre-filtration for RO systems.

Jotem offers the following membrane diameter types:

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