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Advanced oxidation process

An end to pharmaceutical residues in waste water with an advanced oxidation process

At least 140 tonnes of pharmaceutical residues end up in our sewage water every year. This is extremely harmful to nature and poses risks to our health. For instance, hormone residues can affect animal reproduction and certain undesirable active substances can find their way into our drinking water. To prevent this, you can use an advanced oxidation process (AOP) for your waste water.

An AOP system purifies your waste water using radicals . The process removes organic micropollutants and inactivates antibiotic resistant bacteria . Together with you, our professionals look at your water quality, wishes and needs and translate them into a custom AOP system. In doing so, we support you all the way from initial design to post-commissioning maintenance.

Working with you to find the best-fit AOP system

Jotem is more than a supplier of systems. We provide end-to-end management of your water treatment process. Together with you, we ensure that your waste water is of the desired quality, delivered at the lowest cost and in the most sustainable way. To this end, we sometimes provide a standard AOP solution, but at other times it may be important to start from scratch.

If a suitable advanced oxidation process does not yet exist for your situation, we will develop a pilot system together with you. Using our water knowledge, smart measurements and analyses, we optimise the system step by step. Until it is precisely geared to your treatment process. Our hydro pilots are already running all over the world, solving complex water problems and innovating water treatment worldwide. We’d like to help you with your challenge too.

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  • No bromate formation. AOP prevents formation of carcinogenic bromate.
  • Low energy consumption. Reading of various parameters by smart instruments.
  • Safe water. Effectively removes high-risk drug residues.

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