Working on smarter water use. Providing solutions with impact.

Gone are the days when we always had sufficient affordable and usable water. Increasing scarcity and growing environmental issues mean that making the most of every drop is more important than ever. This requires innovative water treatment solutions within companies and industries. And that innovation is exactly what we live for.

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Smarter water solutions

With a team of specialists, we help organisations tackle their water challenges in better, smarter and more efficient ways. To reduce water use or discharge less water. To make the water supply circular and treat it in a more energy-efficient way. And to comply with all legislation and regulations, no matter how fast they change. We do so by developing customised sustainable water treatment solutions. Based on a passion for water technology and an unwavering resolve to move the world forward.

More than a quick fix

Our solutions go far beyond providing a quick fix. We deep dive into your problem, your production processes, your interests and your ambitions – all aimed at creating a water treatment process that achieves maximum results. Whether that requires a standard solution, a custom system or even an experimental pilot system of which the technology has yet to be proven. We shape your entire process, optimising it from A to Z. In this way, we create not stop-gap fixes, but future-proof water solutions that really help organisations move forward.

Committed end-to-end management

Jotem’s strength lies in combining within one company different disciplines that challenge and strengthen each other. Passionate experts, driven by curiosity. From process engineers to mechanical engineers. This has made us a single point of contact for all water problems for more than 57 years. Not just a supplier, but a committed provider of end-to-end solutions who listens, gives input, advises and takes your worries away. Acting as your sounding board from start to finish.

Making a difference

By always thinking ahead, being curious and wanting to improve continuously, we are able to make a difference. For your organisation and the world around us. For decades, we have developed innovative systems that make industrial processes more profitable, reduce environmental pollution or bring safe drinking water to places where it seemed impossible. That impact drives us to keep innovating. Because that’s the only way we can move the world forward.

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Do you want to contribute to smarter water solutions and make a difference for customers? Explore our vacancies or send us an open application.

Like to join us? Check out our vacancies

Do you want to contribute to smarter water solutions and make a difference for customers? Explore our vacancies or send us an open application.

Explore our vacancies

Carlo Kroeze

Carlo Kroeze

Operations Director

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