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Prevent harmful gases in your process water from causing corrosion

Oxygen and carbon dioxide are vital on our planet, but can be very harmful in production processes. These gases cause corrosion in piping and systems, which can lead to disruptions, corrective maintenance or even replacement. We help you prevent this. We precisely tailor degassers to your needs for the most cost-efficient solution.

We use thermal degassers and membrane degassers, which can be used for degassing hot and cold water. These sustainable methods are chemical-free and prevent the formation of disruptive gases. Thanks to years of experience, we can find the right solution for your process, so you can count on efficient water treatment. And, of course, optimal performance from your systems.

No-stress innovation, with support from Jotem

At Jotem, we look beyond technology. We create the optimal form of degassing for your specific situation. We deep dive into your organisation and match temperature and concentrations to the desired degree of degassing. In this way, you get the most cost-efficient solution for your process.

We use our expertise to relieve you of as many worries as possible. This means, of course, that we provide professional degassers, but also that we stand beside you as a committed partner. A partner who offers advice and provides the right support structures, piping, assembly and commissioning.

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  • Low energy consumption
  • Longer lifespan
  • No chemicals

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