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De-ironing of your process water facilitates the use of new water sources

The need to conserve water makes other sources of water more and more interesting. For example, well water can be an affordable and durable alternative for process water. But there are considerable challenges in using well water. For instance, it often contains iron and manganese. These substances cause deposits in piping and systems which can seriously affect the quality of the water and the lifespan of systems. Moreover, the composition of well water differs from region to region, making a standard solution impossible.

Jotem water solutions can help you with this. We develop custom water treatment solutions that ensure optimal de-ironing of your process water. We can design a filtration system that is fully tailored to the composition of your water. So you can count on not only a reliable result, but also on the most cost-efficient application. We are a committed partner who brainstorms with you and puts optimising your process first. In this way, we facilitate the use of alternative water sources and support efficient water use.

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  • Safe use of well water. Utilize other water sources for your processes.
  • Customized solutions. Cost-effective water treatment for your situation.
  • Innovate your process. More efficient water use, for future-proof processes.

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