Reverse osmosis

Efficient removal of dissolved substances with reverse osmosis (RO)

No matter how well you filter water, pollutants can sometimes dissolve and remain present in process water or drinking water. With all the related risks. Such pollutants include pharmaceutical residues and ions like sodium and chloride that end up in nature, or in our drinking water. With reverse osmosis (RO), we can remove such substances from water.

In RO systems, water is cleared of monovalent ions and low-molecular-weight pollutants at high pressure using membranes. This can be valuable, for example, when desalinating seawater, or demineralising well water, waste water or surface water. RO systems enable you to use – and reuse – water as efficiently as possible.

The right reverse osmosis system for your specific situation

Reverse osmosis requires custom work. Given that the composition of water differs from place to place, developing a standard solution is impossible. That means we come up with a custom reverse osmosis solution after a deep dive into your water treatment process followed by an extensive design process.

We analyse your current water quality, desired end quality and your current process. Based on the results, we create a system with the right membranes, control technology and filtration options. In this way, we can optimise your water treatment process so that you achieve maximum results with minimum energy consumption. Moreover, we always provide you with full support in terms of control technology, maintenance and commissioning.

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  • Pure water. Virtually complete desalination up to 99%.
  • Assurance of safety. Bacteria-free water without harmful substances.
  • Low energy consumption. Through eco-control, regardless of temperature.

What water challenge is your organisation facing?

The specialists at Jotem water solutions find answers to any water-related problem. Solutions that are cost efficient, sustainable and fully customised. We’d be happy to see what we can do for you.