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On Friday 27 October, Jotem water solutions will be closed. Of course, we are available 24/7 in case of breakdowns.

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Open the door to infinitely reusable water with BluElephant

In an ideal world, there would be no waste water. In that world, polluted water from our households would form a new source of irrigation water, groundwater or rinse water. That world is brought a step closer with BluElephant. A mobile, decentralised waste water purification system that can purify the waste water up to 150 people every day.

BluElephant is a cost-efficient solution for locations with no centralised waste water treatment. For example, local communities, residential areas, business parks, recreational areas or remote sites. With BluElephant, a circular water supply is created. Not only for households, but also for irrigation purposes, for example. This suddenly makes an infinite water supply a realistic idea.

Working together on the world’s best recycling giant

BluElephant is already running at several locations in the Netherlands and Palestine. We are using these prototypes to test BluElephant’s performance under different conditions. Based on the findings, we are creating an optimised solution that can be deployed on a large scale, world wide.

We are working on this optimisation in a BluElephant Community in close collaboration with our public-private partners. We are transforming knowledge and experience into a flexibly deployable end product, which will perform optimally under all circumstances. This will allow BluElephant to grow into the world’s largest water recycling giant in the coming years.

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  • Infinite water use. Wastewater becomes usable water, in a ceaseless crikel.
  • Small environmental footprint. The BluElephant is self-sufficient on solar power.
  • Improves water quality. Better ground and surface water through treatment of waste streams.

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