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Safe potable water in emergencies and remote areas with WaterMiracle

In many places, access to safe drinking water is unfortunately still not a given. Especially in remote locations in developing countries, conflict areas and places affected by emergencies and disasters. The consequences are harrowing and unacceptable. That’s why we developed WaterMiracle, a system that makes safe potable water accessible all over the world.

WaterMiracle is a decentralised water treatment system that converts water from ponds, rivers and lakes into safe water that meets WHO standards. With a maximum treatment capacity of about 3 m³ per hour, it can provide clean and safe drinking water to more than 6,000 households daily. And because WaterMiracle is easily transportable, it can be used in the most remote places.

Quickly deployable without specialist knowledge

WaterMiracle was developed by water experts with extensive knowledge of different water challenges. The result is a system that works reliably under all conditions and is user-friendly regardless of the user’s level of expertise.

The system’s data can be retrieved on site or digitally using the app. WaterMiracle is put into operation in a few simple steps and maintenance work does not require specialist water treatment knowledge. This makes WaterMiracle flexibly deployable and not reliant on the presence of an expert. As a result, effectiveness is assured and we can give people access to safe potable water anywhere in the world.

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  • Safe potable water everywhere. Reliable water quality regardless of location.
  • Plug-and-play. Effortless operation without specialist knowledge.
  • Robust construction. Light and strong, easily transportable.

Leaflet Watermiracle

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