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On Friday 27 October, Jotem water solutions will be closed. Of course, we are available 24/7 in case of breakdowns.

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Be assured of pure – or ultrapure – water with our expert demineralisation

In many critical processes, even the smallest contamination can pose major risks. For example, wear and tear or blockages in costly systems, or even health risks to people in case of pharmaceutical applications. With pure/ultrapure water, such risks are prevented. Our expert demineralisation of your water flows provides you with pure/ultrapure water.

In demineralisation, we rid your water of all possible pollutants. To do so, we use conventional techniques such as ion exchange, or modern techniques such as electrodeionisation. The choice of technology depends on your needs and the desired end quality of the water. In this respect, we always provide a custom solution with full support throughout implementation.

Step by step to optimum demineralisation

There is no standard solution for optimum demineralisation. Water quality differs from place to place and the desired end quality depends on your organisation. That’s why Jotem is more than a technology supplier. We are a partner that deep dives into your problem and your processes and creates a custom solution.

We analyse your water quality and inventory your wishes and needs in terms of end quality, sustainability, working methods and costs. From there, we develop a demineralisation system in which we bring together the best-fit technologies. Technologies that achieve your desired end result, in the most sustainable and cost-efficient way. This is how we create a water process with added value.

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  • Process-dependent desalination. By application of membranes as well as ion exchangers.
  • Pure water. Virtually complete desalination up to 99%.
  • Ultra pure water for hospitals and laboratories. In accordance with the required guidelines.

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