Ultrafiltration as a powerful weapon against bacteria and viruses

Process water, surface water and drinking water should all be free of dangerous viruses or bacteria such as Legionella, so that your water is always safe for you and your customers. You can create that certainty with ultrafiltration. In ultrafiltration, membranes are used to remove undissolved pollutants, such as algae, viruses and bacteria, from your water flow.

The membranes are chemically cleaned automatically so that no blockages occur and your system always performs optimally. Jotem water solutions has many years of experience with ultrafiltration for disinfecting drinking water, preparing process water from surface water and for the prefiltration process in reverse osmosis.

The best ultrafiltration for your water problem

We look beyond technology. We want to provide you with the best solution to your water challenge. Whether that is reusing waste water for your business, or creating drinking water for entire villages or neighbourhoods. That means we deep dive into your water treatment process and come up with a custom ultrafiltration solution after an extensive design process.

We analyse your current water quality, the desired end quality and the available technologies. We then develop a system that achieves maximum results with minimum energy consumption. In this way, we not only make your water safer, but also make your processes a bit more sustainable. This means we deliver the greatest possible value to your organisation.

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  • Safety is assured. Water without biological pollutants.
  • Low energy consumption. Highly energy-efficient treatment process.
  • Continuous optimisation. Improvement of your process using pressure sensors and flow sensors.

What water challenge is your organisation facing?

The specialists at Jotem water solutions find answers to any water-related problem. Solutions that are cost efficient, sustainable and fully customised. We’d be happy to see what we can do for you.