Reliable water demineralisation without using chemicals

In critical processes, even minimal pollutants in water can pose risks. Especially in hospitals and laboratories, or in the food and pharmaceutical industries. With electrodeionisation, we prevent that contamination. In an innovative and sustainable way.

Using electricity, ion exchange resins and ion exchange membranes, we rid your water of dissolved substances. An electrical charge is used to remove ions – like calcium and magnesium – from water. After this process, you have pure/ultrapure water that prevents the risk of blockages, corrosion or health problems. The process requires no chemicals and consumes less energy than reverse osmosis, for example. This makes electrodeionisation one of the most sustainable demineralisation methods on the market.

Always the technology that suits your situation

Optimal water treatment requires custom work. The composition of your water is unique and so are your organisation’s ambitions. That’s why Jotem is more than a technology supplier. We deep dive into your situation and provide a custom water process.

We analyse the water quality and inventory your specific wishes and needs. For example, desired end quality, preferred technologies and sustainability requirements. From there, we develop a custom solution that allows you to achieve your desired water quality in the most reliable and cost-efficient way. Electrodeionisation plays an important role in this. It is one of the most sustainable energy-efficient solutions for achieving pure/ultrapure water.

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  • Ultimate desalination. Optimization of your RO water up to 100%.
  • Compact footprint. Huge space savings over mixing bed systems.
  • Free of chemicals. Removes ions using electrical voltage.

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